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Fraud Scanner by 10x Apps

Automatically cancel fraudulent orders

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About Fraud Scanner

Reviewing potentially fraudulent orders can take a lot of time, and can cost a lot of money in chargeback fees. And, with an increasing amount of online scammers, it’s easy to miss potential fraud if you are reviewing orders manually. The time it takes to comb through orders looking for high risk customers could be better spent marketing your business or fulfilling orders to legitimate customers.

That’s why we created the Fraud Scanner app. Our app takes the stress out of dealing with fraudulent orders; this app will automatically cancel orders labeled by Shopify as a High Risk of Fraud.

Here’s how it works…

Simply install and activate the app, and instantly you will never have to worry about reviewing your Orders for fraudulent customers ever again. Just set the dashboard to “Activate” and our app will actively find and cancel any new orders that are marked with High Risk by Shopify. All orders before installation and while the settings are Deactivated will not be affected at all.


  • Cancel orders marked High Risk of Fraud automatically

  • Activate / Deactivate settings

  • Easy 10 second installation

  • Get more control over your orders

We are shop owners ourselves and understand how frustating it can be be worry about finding and canceling orders marked for Fraud before shipping out products. We created this app for ourselves, but after realizing how well it works, we decided to offer it to other stores owners as well!

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Fraud Scanner App
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