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Fraud Scanner

Is your store constantly being bombarded with "High Risk" orders? Do you hate paying these chargeback fees? If so, Fraud Scanner is the app for you. Our app will automatically cancel any order that is marked as "High Risk" by Shopify.

Orders are analyzed and cancelled in real time. As soon as an order is placed it is sent through our filters to determine whether it should be cancelled or not.

Turning on/off: When toggled to on the app will be turned on. This means that any orders that are processed through your Shopify store will be analyzed for fraud immediately. If there is a High Risk of fraud associated with this order by the Shopify Risk Analysis the application will cancel this order. When the application is turned off it will not analyze or cancel any orders processed through your Shopify store.

The beauty of this application is you do not have to lift a finger. Simply turn Fraud Scanner on and it will handle all "High Risk" orders for you. 

Sound great? Install Fraud Scanner below! 

Application Documentation: Inner_about
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